Cinemagraphic Writing:

Very similar to Visual Writing, Cinemagraphic Writing takes it a step further. Rather than adding visual aids such as pictures, inverted texts, or creative use of the page, Cinemagraphic Writing appears on the surface as any other kind of writing–simply text. However, its roots are in the visual effects that films now employ, which have changed the way people use their imagination. With words which display vivid colors, poise, movement, action, and a natural flow of events, Cinemagraphic Writing is an experience rather than a simple escape. It has captured the imagination of non-readers, and it has sped along the slower readers. This is most certainly the next stage of writing, so the craft of writing is not lost to films.

About the Author, Kelly Blanchard:

Frustrated with the style of today’s writing, over the years Kelly Blanchard crafted Cinemagraphic Writing. “It has many different levels,” she says, “I’ve seen writers with the seed of it, but they can’t comprehend their potential. Then there have been very select few published authors who are at Level 1 of Cinemagraphic Writing. Unfortunately most of them stop progressing once they are published, and they don’t realize that they’ve only touched the surface of something much greater.” She mentors writers in this style of writing while at the same time she leads by example by writing daily. Her preferred genre is medieval fantasy, yet she has published historical fiction under the name Serafia Cross, and she has written science fiction work as well as modern day mystery and adventure. “To be a good writer, you should give yourself liberty to explore different genres. You never know what you’ll discover.”


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